I was listening to a presentation from Brian Solis yesterday and he talked about some research that he had undertaken.  Now, let's remember that research isn't fact, it's a summary of people's opinions, and that opinion was in the past.

Brian was talking about the way that Digital transformation was slowly sweeping the land and the companies which we work in.  But at no point did he mention about how to measure digital.

The research was conjecture and speculation.  Does it really matter of the CEO of a company drives the change or the CIO or the CDO?  And how do you measure it anyway?

Here at Digital Leadership Associates social-experts.net we have found a way to measure digital, we have also a measure of what "good" looks like.  This means you can Benchmark yourself.

You can Benchmark your employees, you can Benchmark new recruits, you can Benchmark your management team, you can Benchmark your competitors and compare them to your company.  You can Benchmark your competitor people and compare them to yourselves. 

Measuring How Digital you are in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources etc, etc, will give you an idea about how have you have travelled.  It will also enable you to work out how far you need to travel