Somebody said to me the other day on Facebook that many of his clients were not on LinkedIn.  Really?

With 645 million people on LinkedIn surely everybody is on it.

I digress, but I used to do a Public Sector / Federal role and the sales people were not on LinkedIn, so we ran a campaign with the sales team to invite the clients that were not.  What happened?  We had direct access to these clients through LinkedIn, I'm sure to this day the competition salespeople are still whinging rather than showing leadership.  But as I say, I digress.

Most sales people now understand the importance of LinkedIn and having a (strong) network.  You colleagues, your prospects, your customers, the influencers in your market, people who you would like to be prospects.  The list goes on.

Google reckon that there are 10 people per account that are stakeholder / decision makers per decision.  We therefore recommend that for every account you are going to need to connect to more than ten people as you won't know who the decision makers are.

But that is sales, what about your human resource department, procurement, finance, customer service?  They all have connections, they all have to communicate both internally and externally.

Why isn't the Human Resources (HR) department activate on social to connect with the employees you would like to recruit?  This would enable you to get the best talent, faster.  Maybe even, employer of choice in your market?

Why isn't Procurement activated on social so they start to connect with the organisations that could be suppliers to your business?  There must be companies around the world that can supply products cheaper and with a higher quality?

Your company grow it's reach across LinkedIn and not just for "sales" but in fact to forward the objectives of all your staff!