Interesting article about the changes that are taking place in both commerce and society today.

It rightly picks up on the fact that we are have become more social as the technology allows us to connect with people in a frictionless way through social media. 

Social also provides us with efficiency savings over legacy methods.

If you take cold calling for example, if you make a call and actually get through to the person and you talk for ten minutes, you get 10 minutes return for 10 minutes invested.

I can create a video and it takes me 1 minute to shoot and 10 minutes overall once I have added subtitles to it.  I can then get 2,000 views on social.  Which means I’ve exchanged 10 minutes for 2,000 minutes.  Which gives you insight as to the efficiency savings that can be obtained with social over legacy approaches. 

We have seen social media change both society and commerce.  Our social selling program provides business with a 30% increase in incremental (new) business and a reduction in sales cycles by 40%.  This is transformational to business.  Our Human Resources (HR) program will strip out the cost associated with recruitment etc, while providing an increase in employee efficiency of 25%.  That’s 25% more employees than what you have right now for free. 

Social is transforming business from end-to-end are you taking advantage of the cost reductions? The Efficiency savings?  The Competitive Advantage?