Having been in business for a few years, it's so easy to keep doing what you have always done.

Here at DLA Ignite we decided from day one to be a social media change company.  It is our belief that social media has changed the way we do business and it has changed society.  We believe that companies need to change to meet that opportunity, or should I call it a challenge?

A friend of mine has taken a job at a super dooper start-up, he tells me the technology is amazing, the people are amazing, they have bean bags and tabel football and jelly beans ..... and they have to use 1990 sales methods to sell the product.  Yes, really!

Can you imagine cold calling people and sending unsolicited emails to sell such an amazing product.  Why would a CEO not want to use modern selling to sell a modern product?

The same we see in Human Resources (HR) where people are still using job adverts.  I picked up a free newspaper this weekend, it still has job ads, but not as many as it did.  The job ads are now on LinkedIn.  But a job ad on LinkedIn is no different from a job ad in a free newspaper.  1990 technology and it's 2020!

Let's not forget that what got you here, won't get you there.

So as a business leader, are you going to carry on looking backwards or are you going to upgrade and start selling, hiring, etc in a more efficient and effective way, it is 2020 after all?