The world has changed, here I am sitting writing this on a mobile phone, something we didn’t have just ten years ago.

It’s Sunday and my internet provider hasn’t delivered a service since Thursday. As my partner and I both work from home, we worked in Starbucks all day. Thankfully Starbucks use a different internet provider.

According to my internet provider there is an outage covering a wide area. It would seem that a “digger” cut one of the major arteries of the fibre network.

Let me just summarise, the internet went off on the Thursday and it’s still off and I’m writing this on the Sunday. Can you imagine, being without internet for 3 days? It’s just unheard of, first world problem, of course.

This brings me onto trust. If you read the story about the digger and thought, “yeah right” then it shows corporations have a trust problem.

This brings us back to winning in the 20s!

Come on, the internet, mobile and social media has changed everything.

Stop interrupting people with advertising, emails and cold calls, you know as well as I do that this is a throwback to the 1990s!

You know as well as I do that this isn’t the way the modern buyer works.

The 20s is where you dial back all those interruptions and start building relationships. It is also the time where you dial back all that corporate content, which you know nobody reads and start educating people. Not educating them on your products, but providing people with educational and insightful content.

Tell me something I don’t know!

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