I'm sitting writing this in San Francisco, while Adam and I have meetings with a number of companies.

One of the things that is telling for me is the Facebook sign, at Facebook Headquarters, which used to be the Sun Microsystems campus.  Facebook purchased the site, after Sun were purchased by Oracle.  If you look at the Facebook sign, Mark had the sign turned around so it still has Sun on the back, which Facebook on the front.  This is to remind people that they need to stay relevant. 

Things change and things are changing.  Where as once hardware ruled thew world, then it was eaten by software, now software is being eaten by process.  The process of being social.

I recently read that the average person spends 36 minutes per day on Facebook. If you are average, you spend 219 hours a year.  For many people this is time wasted.  For the clever, this is time invested.

We all now know that if we want to buy something, we just go onto to social and search.  Read content and educate ourselves.  We all know we all avoid, adverts and corporate content.  Why?  Because, we don't believe it.

We know our buyers are doing this, which is why as sellers, our time on social is an investment.  It's our net profit.

Building a network of people who will love, refer, support us.  Either way, we know our buyers are there which is why, we build strong networks and share educational content.

None of us want to become the next "Sun Microsystems" we all want to stay relevant.  This requires us to remember that "what got us here, won't get you there".  We need to learn new skills.  These skills need to take us into to the new social and digital age.

Us sellers need to change with the times, and catch up with our digital buyers.