Can you believe it?  Well we can.  Here is a pro-email marketing article, where they analyzed 12 million outreach emails.  That's a pretty big sample.  Not a sample of 250 but 12 million!

And the conclusion? 

"The vast majority of outreach messages are ignored. Only 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response."

The thing I found even more funny about this, is that email marketing community are rejoicing that this is a great result.  An open rate of 8.5% is seen as good!

I should point out that nobody is saying of the 8.5% how many of the poor sods who got hit with these time stealing emails created a rule within email, so you will never get through to them again, how many of that 8.5% were pissed off, how many of that 8.5% unsubscribed and how many of that 8.5% actually took some action ...... better still took some action and purchased something?  Very few, in fact probably nobody.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that throwing shit at the wall, ie, sending outreach emails does not turn into sales.  Maybe you should spend your time, effort and budget on doing something else?

In fact, all cold outreach needs to stop as you are only pissing people off, doing un told reputation damage to your brand and actually generating nothing.  When I mean nothing, I mean zero revenue. 

It's time to change and actually sell and market to the modern buyer and that is the Sales Truth!