Over the last 2 years that Digital Leadership Associates www.social-experts.net have been in business we have found that many if not all of these laws of Agile are correct.  Now this is where the problems start.  When I explain to people how we work and the amazing results we get, there are always million excuses why it won't work for them.

For a start up we are a cash rich company, not because we focus on making money, but we focus on making a difference for our clients.  Any client were they don't want us to make a difference (yes I know that sounds strange) we walk away from. 

B2B is the new B2C.  In the past people treated B2B organisations like blocks of people.  In my previous company you would often hear "we cannot sell to XYZ company as they use product ABC".  Really?  To quote Depeche Mode "People are people".

And finally your network is your worth.  I know somebody that has maxed out their connections on LinkedIn but has no network.  Your network or selling through your network is what will make you successful today.

So while this axioms make people feel scared, relax, trust me, this is business as usual today!