A friend of mine came to me and said he had lost confidence in selling.  I said to him rubbish and then got him to talk about his current life.

His new baby.  The relationship that didn't work out, but they are still friends.  The realisation about what about work he likes about his work and then does not like about his work.

It sounded that at last he was in a good place.

He then asked me about myself.  We are connected on Facebook so we see the "ins" and "outs" of our lives.  I explained about what we had been doing here at dlaignite.com and what the future held.

It was then that he admitted that he had lost his confidence to sell.

But, I said, you have just run a "sales" meeting.

You told me what you do, that was me giving you permission to "pitch".  You then asked me about myself, that was you giving me permission to "pitch".

We then know what each other do.  At which point we can buy, or we could refer to somebody else.

So many people think that selling is, running up to somebody getting in your face and pitching.  Where we all know that pisses us off, so why do it?

I've just seen a friend of mine whose job title on Linkedin is "Executive Vice President" I guess that means he's important?  Anyway he's just posted some corporate article.  Really?  Come on, we are not interested.

Social selling is not about selling.  It's about building a relationship, recognizing you have something in common and then taking the conversation offline.

It might be a call, it might be a conference call (shout out to our friends at RingCentral) or it could be a meeting.

Get the person to talk about themselves.  They will tell you their business issues, they will always ask you about your stuff.

That's where you "match back" against their requirements.

Notice how sales, actually hasn't changed, we have always done that.  But social allows us to get higher quicker than cold calling.  The other "shock" for the cold calling gurus is that you don't need to spray and pray.  Social allows you to be focused and just talk to the people you need to talk to.  Hence why it is more efficient and effective than those old legacy methods.

But social allows us to stop ringing up people and annoying them naturally have permission based meetings.

Happy Selling!