There is a secret to employee advocacy or some people call it employee experience. Do you know what it is? 

It’s about your employees.

That’s it.  It’s not about content, what tech you have, it’s not about clicks, followers or any of those things. 

Your employees are ever powerful.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Sit on a train and we get our mobiles out. When ever we want to know something we get our mobiles out. Organise a weekend break we get our mobiles out. A new car? Get our mobiles out.... in fact anything that requires knowledge.  Buying a new Accounting system. We get our mobiles out and search for answers on-line and on social media.

We know that. We know that social media has changed the world, so why don’t we do something about it in our business? 

No, I don’t mean giving it to somebody as a side project. I’ve had senior leaders say to me “we don’t need to understand social as we have the intern to do that”.  Really? 

We know social is central to our lives and central to our buyers lives but we treat social as a tactic in the hands of the Intern.

By the way, I love interns but they are generally not as empowered as, say the CEO to get things key to the business done.

So back to our secret.

Let’s empower our employees on social.

Not just sales or marketing, but everybody.  Let’s NOT give them a tool to distribute the content that people are ignoring in all the other channels. Let’s really, really, really empower our employees.

Get them to talk in their own voice on social.  Let’s trust them.  Let’s get an outside firm in to help us how to do this properly, but let’s trust our employees.  Let’s see what can happen if all of our employees, without fear, speak on social in their own voice.

Just think what can happen if you share your own culture on-line?

Maybe you can get more leads and meetings?

Maybe you can become the employer of choice?

Maybe you can get access to markets you don’t have at the moment?

Maybe you can get access to suppliers you don’t have right now? 

How to Get More Employees Active Consistently?

Empower them.

Trust Them.

Get External Help.