"We must be digital" we hear so often, but where do you start?

Companies have so many "legacy" processes.  Or IT jumps in with some budget for system replacement.  Like moving to the Cloud or an IOT or Blockchain program.  These are all great but it does not move your business, it's processes and the people towards digital?

After all, Cloud, is an IT system in a Cloud, IOT is an updated version of RFID, which has been around for 30 years and Blockchain is still chasing use cases.  Let's get real!

Social Media has already change commerce and changed society.  Our social selling programs enable people to sell more (usually 30% more) and shorten the sales cycle by 40%.  This is change, real change.

We don't do this with profile writers and webinars, we use change management techniques which allows you sales teams to get the mindset change and habit change they need in 2020.  This is deal digital!

We have now started our programs to cover other departments in the enterprise, our first one being Human Resources.  Social HR is available now.  This is not employee advocacy (we cover that elsewhere), this is re-imagining the HR department for the social age.

We also have Social Marketing and Social Finance and Procurement in development.

This enables us to offer end-to-end digital transformation.

You can start small, or large.  Most companies start in sales, prove out the gains and then roll-out across the business.  Of course, with the gains made in sales you can re-invest this into the business.

This enables you to get your people digital enabled as this rolls out through the business.

At the same time you will be able to strip out analogue cost and take advantage of digital processes.  In other words, you will reduce costs and get a higher output.  It is usual (according to McKinsey) that implementing social internally enables a 20 - 25% increase in employee efficiency.

This is all ready to go..... just needs you guys to start leading!