It's not rocket science to think that happy employees makes happy customers.

If you look at the recent demise of Thomas Cook, there are plenty of people on social saying that they were passionate about the company.  The fact that there are so many customers stranded, means that there were happy customers.  The problem being that there was a flawed business model.

I'm sorry to say, I spent 6 weeks in the US and Canada this year and it was organised via the internet and decisions supported by tripadvisor and I'm not the only one do that!  Sorry Thomas Cook!

Where are our employees today.  On social media, of course.

Where are our customers and prospects.  On social media, of course.

So why don't we have social media as part of our end-to-end digital strategy?

We all use it, we are all used to using, so there is no end user training costs.  We run our business (as so many companies do) on social.  Our Slack usage, has cut out the grind of using email.

In my previous company we realised a 25% increase in employee efficiency by using social.  That is a business case in itself.  25% employees for free.  So regardless of how big or small your company is, that cannot be sniffed at.

It was interesting last night talking to somebody who thinks they are at the cutting edge of sales.  "We can have as much sales tech as we want" was the comment.  This is so sad.

The company he works for thinks they are going to rule the world of startups by cold calling and sending emails.  Really? 

We have already agreed that our employees and customers are on social ..... I wonder why he thinks using all that sales tech will help?

Time for a rethink to your digital strategy?