We all know the world has changed.  Social Media, Internet, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud, etc etc.

We all know it.

We all have mobile phone, many of us have a smart speaker, we use social media and cut out salespeople when we buy.  We have access to an infinite amount of data and insight.

But as business leaders we don't do anything about our staff in terms of educating them.

If you read the latest research, companies are digital transforming.  No they are not.  They might be moving to cloud or changing IT systems, but are they really doing anything different?  Are they really taking into account the efficiencies that digital allows.  No!

They are trapped in an analogue bubble, often automating analogue processes.

Take email marketing.  This is just 1990s idea, with a new shinny machine that will push more and more emails.  The fact that nobody reads them does not seem to matter.  Surely in 2019 there is a better and more efficient way of building relationships with people?

A friend of mine has a job at a super, duper start up and he is supposed to make relationships with companies through cold calling.  1980s technology being using in 2019!  This is analogue technology at its best.  Surely there must be a more efficient effective way of getting high (and wide) in companies using digital?

So why don't the leadership of businesses know about these digital, more efficient and effective processes?  Why are staff not demanding these new methods?

It's time for people to be employed who can suggest new ways of working.  To train people in the new digital methods.  It is time that companies see this as an investment, not just of its people, but in the business.

Afterall, if a new digital selling method could increase your sales, it would not only provide you with competitive advantage, but it would also create funing to re-invest back in the business for training.

Upskilling employees, will mean they will find new and better and more efficient and effectives ways of working.  Classic, do more for less.  Just think, you can strip out cost and get a better return.  As a leader, isn't this what we have always strived for?  Oh and a competitive advantage, we don't seem to hear that term anymore, I think people are happy to work and compete in a sea of blandness.  (Certainly with the fashion to promote templates in sales, it's certainly the case).

Let's not forget that old Richard Branson conversation.

Richard Branson's Finance Director: What happens if we train people and they leave?

Richard Branson:  What happens if we don't train them and they stay?