When we started Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) 3 years ago, while we had a proven ROI and best selling book, but we didn’t have a predictable and repeatable process.

Thanks to our early customers we now have repeatability and predictability. Every time we run our Social Selling coaching and mentoring we get a 30% incremental (new) increase in sales. A pretty good ROI we think.

What does this mean for you?

We have seen massive changes in Sales and we are seeing more and more companies responding to this opportunity to transform. We also see plenty of companies seeing changes in sales as a threat and retrenching to old failed legacy methods.

One of my connections, Shane Gibson recently posted this great comment:-

“People are trying to do the wrong thing better. Makes me think of one of my favourite quotes: “Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.” - Richard Bach”

So what do CEOs think?

This article below talks about revenue increases for investing in customer experience (CX). I agree, nobody really knows what CX is, well, CRM vendors will tell you it’s a CRM but we know it’s not that.

I was in Calgary this week and met up with a contact. We talked about the changes that had taken place in not just Sales but the modern world because of the impact of the internet, mobile and social media. We also talked about the “flat earth” merchants who still say that nothing has changed.

I mentioned that companies not implementing social selling since 2018 were now falling behind.  My friends view (as is mine) are that companies are now suffering because they are refusing to move with the times.

Will they change? It is unlikely with the current management in place.

As business leaders and salespeople we need to show leadership to move these businesses with the times. We have written about the business case many times, if you want more information yourself, get in touch. 

It is for our generation to show the direction and provide the leadership needed to drive our businesses forward.

This article states :-leaders grew 34%, in comparison to 5% for CX laggards and 20% for the S&P 500 during the same time period.

We certainly see that with focus a sales team should be able to give 30% in incremental revenue. So these figures seem about right.

So you know it’s time for change, we know it’s time for change, just down to us to make it happen!