This article is interesting as it talks about taking everybody along in the digital journey.  Technical, non-technical (like me), the issue for so many organisations is that people immediately "solutionise" as it's called.

Which means getting down in the weeds and finding a solution.  IT people talk about the methodology or the tech, cloud, IOT, Blockchain.  My head is spinning just writing those words as a CEO and a business leader how do I know which why to go?

Basically, it doesn't matter, things are moving so fast, what ever you agree today will be wrong today.

What you need is a strategy, a strategy that all the Board (C-Suite) and stakeholders can understand and buy into.

Getting everybody's buy in is hard, but it is a journey that everybody has to "get".  It is also a solution that the business needs to come up with themselves.  The solution, the measures, the blockers, who owns what, a RACI maybe.

A quick win that people are now choosing to follow is to include social media as part of the digital transformation.

It's a no brainer really, already used right across your business: Marketing, Sales, customer service, human resources (HR), procurement, but tactically.  It can soon be part of the business strategic direction.

Stripping out cost, increasing efficiency, increasing customer service, increasing the employee experience, increasing incremental revenue, turning your business into the employer of choice in your industry.  In fact it's now become the only real project as part of a Digital Transformation where a clear ROI is available.  Self financing in many companies, it also isn't a drain on existing budgets.

Food for thought maybe?