Danielle Guzman ⭐️ (@guzmand) Posed the following question on a Tweet the other day ....

“Digital Transformation on top of a broken business model or strategy is going to save the business” — right or wrong?”

It’s our 3 year old Birthday. Happy Birthday to us!

When Adam, myself and Alex started DLA Ignite, dlaignie.com like a lot of start-ups we had a set of unproven ideas, but how things have changed.

Our Social Selling program is now fine tuned to give predictable results, time after time. We always get a 30% increase in incremental revenue, provide a modern prospecting method to our clients and cut the sales process by 40%.

We don’t think this is bad considering this is activating you to do the work. This isn’t a set of rubbish templates this is empowering you with the mindset change and the habit change.

This repeatability and predictability for us is a major win as we know we can work with any company and drive results.

What has this got to do with digital transformation?

Our goal was always to provide digital transformation through social across the whole enterprise. Social Selling, is after all a random act of social, but a revenue generating option that will fund the whole transformation.

What do I mean by “the whole transformation”?

Sales is just the start we can drive process efficiency (reduce costs) and increase effectiveness (increase output) by driving a change program using Social Media through the whole of the enterprise.

After Sales we have moved to Human Resources. Like Sales, we are not layering social into of current processes we are re-imagining the Human Resources department for the Social age.

Most HR departments use Social already, but when you ask them do they get anything from it the answer is always, no.

Why? Because it’s treated like another channel and the people are not empowered and activated to use social pro-actively in a social world.

It’s time to start your digital transformation with social media.