Digital is a fast moving medium, one day a certain process or measure is seen as the thing to do and then it's not.  This article looks at measurements, whereas once followers, or the number of posts was seen as the right measurement things have moved on.

The number of followers and the number of posts are not the same as influence for example. 

As CEO of DLA Ignite I measure two things:- 1. Inbound - the amount of prospective clients calling us up about our transformation programs and 2. Revenue - The number of prospects that are converted to revenue. 

In addition to that, we have created a digital measure which we use for our clients, the whole of the DLA Ignite team and our global capability network (GCN) who have licensed our social transformation programs.

We are able to measure and score how digital a person is, how digital a company is and then we are able to compare these metrics.  For example, we can measure how digital a person is which is then used in the recruitment process.  We can measure how digital a prospective client is.  We are also able to measure how digital a set of competitors are so a client company can compare against their competitors.

We can, of course plot changes, good and bad, in a person's digital footprint.

We think that being able to measure "digital" is a pretty exciting thing.