We so often see people treating Digital Transformation as a systems change project.  You can see why, getting your hands on some new shiny IT is exciting.  Often moving to the cloud means stripping out cost, so the Board love it too.  But what about about the people and what about the process?

Management Consultants talk, as they have always done about efficiency, doing more for less.  But is digital transformation really about efficiency?  Is it really about taking what we have and striping out cost?

Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) social-experts.net the first thing we do is set a strategy.  Get the Board / C-Suite together and agree a plan, how important is this for the business?  What are the barriers? This isn't about teaching the Board how to use Twitter, it's getting them to understand that Social Media is a quick win as part of any Digital Transformation.  The How, why, where and when.

After all, isn't the C-Suite the ones that need to lead the way; Brand, Strategy, culture and leadership?

Using Social for the C-Suite isn't about if your CEO is on Twitter, let's get the basics and set the leadership first.

It's then about activating the people across the business.  The classic roll out is to start in sales to enable additional revenues to be created that are then re-invested back in the business.  But you can start in Human Resources (HR) to support the culture, leadership and recruitment process.  Or Marketing, Or using social internally to enable cross department collaboration, replacing out moded tools such as email. 

All of this isn't about tools, but empowering your existing teams to work differently in the digital world.  This may require new skills and new leadership, IT, well it may need new systems, but it isn't all about shiny new objects.