The frontline staff are already involved in your digital transformation and as business leaders you probably don't know it.  Right across your business your staff are using social media.  In Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources, Procurement, Finance etc.  They are doing this because they want to (it's easy, it's free, it's natural for us human to use it to communicate, it's frictionless).  But more importantly, they know your customers are on it.

So many times, we taken into companies and the staff say to the leadership "we should have done this two years ago".  The key now for business leaders is to trust the staff and empower them to lead.

The problem with "random acts of social" is that they are tactical, they don't scale and you don't get the revenue impact and competitive advantage that you should.

Here at DLA we help business socially transform.  First we help the Board / C-Suite to understand the strategic imperative, the business case and the business imperative.  Not be teaching people to use twitter, but by running workshops with the business leaders within an organisation.

Next we run a transformation across, sales, marketing, human resources, customer services etc, to left social from a tactical cost to a business benefit.  One company we are working with, (after the first session) the savings on the recruitment costs gave them a 200% ROI.  This is without even getting the benefits that social can give across marketing and sales, when people are empowered and engaged in way that they see helps them.

We should see 30% revenue uplift on sales as well as taking market share from your competitors.