Chris Fleming is CEO of Cyberhawk a drones company based in Edinburgh in Scotland, and work worldwide.  Why am I mentioning this?

Chris put out a post about a week ago and said this:-

"If you are leading a company in 2020 you are actually running two companies. The first is the one you will recognise as your day job but the second is a media company.

Marketing phenomenon Grant Leboff told me this a few years ago and it has stuck with me ever since.

Covid has accelerated digital interactions and the new ways of engaging because we can’t go and meet our customers or even our employees face to face!

This year Cyberhawk will embrace the digital by showing and telling more, as we intend to recruit two bloggers who can fly drones, edit footage and tell a good story.

Why is this more relevant, even before Covid hit us?

My kids both create TikTok videos and they can bash out funny, engaging clips in minutes with all the effects.

I see content that companies I actually admire put out on LinkedIn that are just so dull and utterly un-engaging.

I won’t watch it and sure as “ships” my kids won’t and they are the employees and customers of the future."

It's an Interesting post, certainly sums up how we see the world.

Your buyers were active on social media, even before Covid, this has accelerated.  As a business and as leaders, if we know our prospects and customers are on social, then your sales people and your employees should be empowered to be where your clients are, surley?

When I mean empowered, I mean they need to be given the skills and the ability to have profiles so they can be recognised in this digital world, to be trained how to engage with these prospects and customers.

We hear business leaders say to us all the time "we are all over social", when those business are clearly not.

As Chris says, you are running a media company, your sales people and employees need to be empowered how to create content, that excites, engages, educates the audience you want to influence. 

To quote Chris again "I see content that companies I actually admire put out on LinkedIn that are just so dull and utterly un-engaging."   It's true and it seems totally bizarre that great companies, put out shit content. 

If you are interested in what the future looks like for sales and marketing, today, check out Chris and his company Cyberhawk.

Cracking The Social Code

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