What are executives doing on social to stand out?

I want to talk about the psychology of the way we buy as this is important to the way we as executives need to stand out on social.

1. You need to think about your “why”, not your “what”.  You often see people with a summary title “Passionate about .... “ or "Helping business buy my crap..." (ironic) this is wrong, it’s your "what". 

Your “why” appeals to your “Limbic” brain. This part of the brain, is It supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, and motivation.  Emotional life is largely housed in the limbic system, so when you say, something was a “gut reaction” that was your Limbic brain.  Your “why” appeals to this part of the brain, it enables you to connect with people quicker. 

Here is Simon Sinek's video on this.

2. The next thing you have to remember is that everybody markets in the same way, which is “buy my product, because we are great”.  If you want to stand out, you have to cut through his.  People are not just bored, they totally ignore this “buy my product because we are great” message.  We have great examples of where senior executives post on social media with a brand message and the level of engagement is small. Maybe your staff might like it, but that does not buy you much. 

3. The third thing executives are doing are realising this cannot be done by themselves, they need advice. Traditionally leaders turned to their marketing agency or PR agency, but they are realising that these companies just are not “social” enough.  Times have changed and these companies just haven’t keep up to date. Take a look at their social, I bet it’s “buy my product because we are great” with little engagement. They are not going to help you. Executives are turning to companies like us who live, breath and lead with social. 

4.  The 4th thing to understand is the psychology of content that as leaders need to share.  Here is our "Maslow's hierarchy of Content"

As you can see, advertising and corporate content is at the bottom, the best post that get the most engagement is humanised content.

But let's not forget, posting for posting sake is a "random act of social".  If you are going to post, then there needs to be a reason and a methodology behind following up on the engagement.

Being on Linkedin isn't about "being on LinkedIn" or having a "great profile" you need to have a an objective, such as lead generation.

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