I've worked for organisations, as you probably have, where the view was that "if it wasn't for the people, "over there"" we would be doing the number.

The people "over there" could be sales, could be marketing, could be finance, could be legal .... it didn't really matter, the view was that the problem was somewhere else.

In her book "Dare to Lead", Brene Brown suggests that you need to assume that everybody is doing their best.

I've worked in (dysfunctional) organisations where department A would blame department B and department B would blame department A.  It took us a year to bring those departments together, but it was worth it.

How did we do it?  Well we invited people to meetings, we got people to speak in a common language.  What is a "lead" after all?  But most importantly we got people to work together and collaborate. 

How did we do this?  We did it via social media.

Collaboration means working together and social was the catalyst in bringing the two departments, it's leaders and its people together.