Social Media has changed the world, you just have to look at the results we get from our social selling programs.  It has also changed society.  Where else have you been able to "talk" directly with the President of the United States.

But this isn't new, President Obama was the first PoTUS to use Twitter directly.  This democraciation has changed society forever.

It has taken layers out of the world.  As well as missing out the need for you to talk to your person from Congress or your local party or writing to the newspaper.  The same has happened in the world of business.  I can (and do) contact CEOs directly .... social selling allows you to get higher, quicker, at less cost, than legacy sales methods.

The world has changed.  But do CEOs know this?

I often use the Uber test.  You should try this with your CEO.  When I mean the Uber test, it could be any frictionless app, AirBnB for example.

Remember the old days of standing out in the street hailing a taxi?  Now you can stand in the dry and hail a taxi with an app.  It's easy, it's frictionless.  Go to any city where they don't have Uber and it's like going back in time.

The same with social media, it's a frictionless method of communication.  We can do it with our friends and we can do it with our prospects and customers.

When we shop at Amazon we didn't go on an Amazon training course.  The same with social media, we already know how to use it.  No system costs in training people on how to use it.

So what are the three simples truths:-

1.  You have to understand how the world of business and society works in 2020.

2.  If you don't have a digital project to skill your employees in digital, you are just not going to stay in your position.  You have to invest in your employees because they are your only unique selling point (USP)!

3.  Get a strategy and a plan to totally transform your business with social media.  From Sales, to Human Resources to Finance to Procurement to Customer Services.  Increase efficiency, lower cost of your business, increase relevance to the modern buyer and create a competitive advantage.

It's time to end-to-end digitally transform your business with social.