I've just written an article about the use of social media software internally.  When I mean social media software I'm talking about Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce Chatter, Oracle Social Network, etc.

In the article I talk about how we increased a person's efficiency by 25%.  Often people just stare at me open mouthed.

They are thinking "how can they increase efficiency by 25% with that software we think is shit?"

A business we work with say they use social internally, but the product is used as an intranet, people put presentations on there to share.  They still drive their business with email.

Back to my previous company ...

If 25% more people in your company isn't a business case then how about?

95% accurate sales forecast and increasing the efficiency of the sales function, for example getting sales and non sales people collaborating.

Increased employee experience by supporting returners, getting new starters contributing quicker, getting new salespeople contributing quicker

But, you only get this if you change your culture.  Digital, or using digital, means you need to work differently.  It also gives you the opportunity to have, new, digital processes and procedures.  It's not a tool, an app or some new cloud based system.

For example, the maternity returners procedure needs to involve digital and the power of increasing a returners experience as well as getting them contributing quicker!

PS: We use Slack to run the business, but as this article points out there are plenty to of other social platforms.