So often we see people being "busy" on social.

We are "running an SSI" competition people will tell us or you will see that they have posted from come employee advocacy tool as it will say how many "points" they have achieved with this posting.

That isn't what social is about.  Social isn't a tactic.

Social is a strategy.

Social is a way of empowering your sales staff to enable them to be self-sufficient with demand generation and to enable them to move pipeline through the sales process.

It can be used by other employees, we launch our Human Resources module in March.  Like we re-imagined sales for social, we have re-imagined Human Resources for social.

But, you have to measure it properly.

SSI is a great measurement, as long as you recognise that it is for Linkedin only and why does Linkedin use it.  To enable that you stay on the platform for longest.

Which is why we have created our own "SSI score" for social selling which covers all platforms not just LinkedIn.  It provides a way that companies can then measure "digital" amongst its employees, not just its sales people.

Internally, we also track "inbound", so how many people come to us with opportunities as well as revenue.  All of our revenue comes from social.  Our clients will usually track inbound and deals from social registering a campaign code in their CRM.

As you would expect from somebody at the forefront of social we have a number of announcements to make around measurement of "digital" and not just Linkedin.  In fact the whole Social Selling process.

Digital Leadership Associates have created an accreditation process, that not only measures "digital" but is backed by an accredited independent external body.

This moves the whole industry once and for all from vanity metrics to an actual measurement of "digital".