When Adam, Hugo and I wrote "Smarketing - How to achieve competitive advantage through blended sales and marketing" we pointed out that marketing didn't work anymore.  Something that CMO after CMO has said to us.

We are far too busy to look at people's adverts, we are not interested in people keep pitching to us.  Cold calls, unsolicited emails, newsletters, etc, etc. An onslaught of people telling us how great they are, they are number one, they are the market leader.  We all know that newsletters will say the same, so we don't read them.

Even the European Union, not known for being the most technical savvy of organisations have created legislation to try and stop the barrage.  Thankfully, since GDPR came in last May, I've seen a slowdown of people use this technique.  We for example, deleted our email list so we don't get fined under GDPR.

This article even says that they had received 20 newsletters in the last week (really?) and hadn't read any of them.  Why would we, we've had enough?

I recently appeared on the Marketing Book Podcast run by Douglas Burdett, there is a link here


I've had so amazing feedback. and people agreeing.  In fact people have said, they had been "thinking this for years".

So you can imagine when I read "Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins" by Marketing Stalwart, Mark Schaefer I was amazed to hear a similar message.

In fact I talk to anybody (apart from people who sell you services, so vested interests) everybody says this constant interruption from brands and companies has to stop.  And it can.

Our clients are on social media.  Why don't you build a relationship with them?  You can even talk with them.  Just imagine.  Being able to talk to your clients?  Rather than interrupting them and annoying them.  You never know, it might become the fashion!