While this article talks about the legacy IT that is restraining us, you would expect that from a product / software supplier, what we see is the "thoughts" of the organisation holding people back.

A customer has just tagged me in a post by a "cold calling guru", this guru says that social isn't about prospecting, You write content and then sit and hope somebody will find it.

They obviously don't read any of our blogs, we are explaining all the time about how you social selling to take control of your lead generation.  There are seven problems with cold calling (as we have explained before) which are:-

1. It means that you are restricted to a feast and famine, where as social selling is on all the time.  Even when you are on holiday.

2.Cold calling is restricted to the day time, we have clients who do their prospecting at night.

3. Cold calling is less efficient and effective than social selling.

4.  Social selling allows you to get higher, faster than cold calling

5.  People don't like the constant interruptions that come from cold calling, which is why both technology and legislation restricts the cold calls and the use of push marketing.

6.  Cold calling shows your company is desperate and run out of ideas.

7.  We have proven that with social selling you can get 10 times the ROI to cold calling.

It is this thinking that is holding back companies.  In what is nearly the second decade of the 21st century to be using marketing and demand generation techniques that I used in the 1980s is stupid if not totally incompetent.

Especially where there are proven, more efficient, more efficient with a higher ROI methods and frameworks available. 

Like social selling.