In 2004 Nicholas G. Carr wrote his book "Does IT Matter" in it he discusses how IT has become a long line of upgrades.  From Mainframe to Unix to PC from C-ISaM Files to IDMS Databases to Relational Databases.  It does not really matter what the technology is, there is always a new one and a new one we need to pour money into.

Nicholas turns this into a lovely metaphor.  There is a road outside your house, it goes from "A" to "B" and every two years you dig the road up and lay new tarmac.  What have you achieved?  It still takes you from A to B.

That is the promise of new technology.  IOT, Cloud, Industry 4.0 etc all flashing lights and shinny new.  But it's what you do with that counts.

That's the people and the process.

Ever since man was born we built tribes and communicated with each other and this is the power of social.  Social is for kids?  Well actually it's already being used in your company in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources, Procurement, Research and Development (R&D), Public Relations (PR), Supply Chain, etc.  Which other technology is so omnipresent?  Maybe it's time to look at it strategically and part of your digital transformation.  Getting the employees to adopt it does not look like a problem as they have already voted to use it with both feet.

And this business, difficult for me to explain here (as we are under NDA) but incremental revenue of 20 to 30% should be a starter for ten.  Most business leaders would grab that with bot hands.