Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) we are changing the world, slowly, but we are.  Many people see us as a social selling company, which we are, but the transformation of sales is only one part of what we do.  The problem with being "just" a social selling company is that social selling is just a random act of social.

Social is now throughout the organisation, marketing, customer service, human resources, finance, procurement, everywhere you go.  I'm not just talking here about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, I'm talking about using social as a strategic (non-frictionous) why to make your company generate more revenue, provide incremental revenue as well as provide offshoot benefits like support recruitment, the employee experience as well as providing a quick win digital platform for your digital transformation plans.

So what?

This has required us to stand up (and break the rules) from legacy ways of working across the enterprise, from changing the way we sell and market to the way companies support maternity returners.  From transforming customer experience to transforming the new employee experience.

It is nearly out 2 year anniversary, Adam my co-founder and Alex and Phil who have also joined us on our journey or should I say quest, are seeing a tipping point.  People are seeing that the old ways don't work anymore and the last two years has enabled us to build case studies and references which we can point out say "do you want some of that?".

So Why Did We Choose the Hardest Most Concentrative regulated Market to Trial Our Quest?

We were told that professional services companies would never work with social, they being conservative and regulated.  Probably the hardest market there is and we now have a tipping point where professional services are seeing and gaining ROI.  Elon Musk we are not, but there is a parallel that we started with the hardest market (he started with an electric high performance car).  We started with a conservative and regulated industry.  We now have one of the big 4 seeing a remarkable change in the way they look at customer experience and hey, by the way you bet there is a $ and competitive advantage spin off to why they are doing.

So why isn't everybody doing this?

I don't know, we do have a few imitators but they often fall by the wayside.  Why?

Out secret is we have found a way that people not only embrace these new ways of working but change their habits as well.

Like Elon people are still buying petrol cars, but we are looking for those leaders and early majority who know that it's over the for old world order and there is a new revolution, for Elon it's electric for us it's social.  Join us!