I got one today, "i can get you leads" was the connection request on Linkedin.

The first thing you need to understand about this, this is not social selling, this is cold calling on a social network.  Somebody interrupting me and pitching their service.

But let's unpack this for a second.

Somebody spams you on Linkedin and they will get you leads.  How do you think they will get leads for you?  By spamming other people on Linkedin.

Do you really want to be associated with spammers?

One of the problems in the world of digital advertising, is that you are not in control where you adverts appear.  You advert could be alongside a post about self harm, or suicide or bullying or more content of a explicit sexual nature, etc, etc.

The same issue, once you hand over your Linkedin accounts or sign up with a bot, what is going to happen to your brand.  You know they are happy to spam people, as that is how they got hold of you, what else are the willing to do to get leads. 

Linkedin Terms and Conditions

I wouldn't expect you to read the Linkedin terms and conditions, but should point out clause 8.2

If LinkedIn catch you doing this, the close your account, there is no arbitration, there is no second chances, that's it you lose the lot and all your network, built up over a number of years. 

What to do with the "I can get you leads" messages on Linkedin

My advice is that you politely decline and don't accept the connection request.