"This past year impacted salespeople, sales leaders and trainers in a significant way. Changes in the global economy influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic required a shift to both virtual selling and virtual sales training. Some companies floundered while others flourished. Did sales training have an impact?

The 2020 LinkedIn State of Sales Report found that top-performing salespeople in 2020 are more likely to spend time training with their managers. They are also more likely to receive training from outside sales experts."

This article explains ...

Six Ways Sales Training Positively Contributes To The Bottom Line

This "research points to the crucial ways in which effective sales training impacts business growth — even beyond the sales function. Across the board, sales training was linked to employee satisfaction, employee motivation, employee retention, sales results, company culture and enterprise agility. When comparing high-growth companies and negative-growth companies, sales training played a bigger role in all outcomes for the high-growth companies.


For each of these outcomes, here’s how sales training can contribute to positive business outcomes:

1. Employee Satisfaction: When sales training is supported by quality sales coaching, employee satisfaction can increase. I believe this is because sales coaching helps people master skills and overcome obstacles to reach their next level of excellence and performance, thus increasing their satisfaction with their jobs.

2. Employee Motivation: It’s important to recognize that employees need to motivate themselves to be successful. However, you can provide an environment where this can happen. A solid sales training foundation will help enable your sales team to learn the skills and processes necessary to achieve personal success and contribute to your organization’s success.

3. Employee Retention: My company's research found that one of the impacts of a solid sales training program is increased employee retention and engagement. When you deliver a high-quality sales training program, your sales team knows you are making an investment in their success. Data from SiriusDecisions (via Forrester) shows that each time a B2B rep turns over, the opportunity cost in total loss of sales productivity is more than $200,000.

4. Sales Results: The research found that the primary reason companies implement sales training is to improve sales results. As expected, sales results were named as the No. 1 outcome tied to sales training for all companies. An Accenture book supports investing in training; the authors estimated that for every dollar a company invested in training, they received about $4.53 in return — a 353% ROI.

5. Company Culture: Culture includes a set of shared values, goals, attitudes and practices that characterize an organization. It’s also the way people feel about work. As I've discussed before, when high-quality, enterprise-wide sales training is delivered to everyone in an organization with a customer focus (not just salespeople), it can support a positive, customer-first corporate culture.

6. Agility Of The Enterprise: Agility demonstrates an organization’s ability to manage and adapt to change quickly. For companies that saw growth in a year characterized by rapid and unexpected change, it makes sense that sales training would lead to greater agility. Salespeople who are able to pivot and take the new selling situation in stride become huge assets to their company."

But enough about why, let see how you, as a business and a sales team can get results such social / remote / virtual / digital selling and quick.

OK Tim, Prove To Me How You Can Make an Impact to My Business!

This is Eric, he's one of the team at DLA Ignite the post took him 10 minutes to create. 

You will see a lot of content like this on Linkedin, there is nothing new in this.  Accept, Eric posts strategically.  Eric got 6 C-Level meetings off the back of this post.

He knows why he is posting something, better still he has the DLA Ignite social selling methodology behind it that enables him to strategically get meetings off the back of it.

Next time you see people post on Linkedin, (your marketing department, your sales VP, your colleagues) ask them how many C-Level meetings they get off the back of it?

Just think about if you scaled this across your sales team, the difference that would make across your pipeline? 

How Training Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Everytime we run this program, we get 30% increase in revenue and a 40% reduction in the sales cycle.

There are also some softer benefits, you and your team get a new life skill and as a leader you are providing the business with a digital legacy.  Supporting the transformation to digital for the business.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Just give me, or one of the DLA Ignite team and hour of your time and we can walk you through what we are doing for other companies.  No hard sell, just take you through what other companies are doing to transform.

Please contact me here or one of the DLA Ignite team here, so please pick one of our industry experts or one of our experts in your geographical locality.  Our website is here.