We are working in unprecedented time, I've lived through many downturns but nothing that has impacted everybody across the world. 

It's not often I quote Lenin "There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen"

As businesses and leaders, we should know our cash position.  We should know who we are keeping on, who we will furlough and who we will lay off.  I know that there is still work going on in terms of applying for these, but we should have a firm grasp on our cash flow.

In our business, we have a clear position and are making the provisions for cash, that we will need to pay out in the future.

From a sales perspective we all should understand our "new" pipeline, or "fact base" as some may say.

Regardless of what the experts say and which country you are in, you need to plan your escape.

It will be the business that execute this over the next 4 weeks that will win.

Check this data out.

This is the social media update from Simon Kemp which comes out 

Here's a quote 

 "The world has changed dramatically over the first three months of 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting almost every aspect of our lives. These changes have been clearly evident in the world’s digital behaviours too, especially as billions of people turn to connected devices to help them cope with life and work under lockdown."

There is currently a world population of 7.7 Billion, of this 4.57 Billion of them are on the internet and 3.81 Billion Social Media users.

In a world of no face-to-face meetings, no conferences, no events, where cold calling and cold emailing have limited use.  There is only one game in town, Social Selling.

In a world where your clients are online and on-social, you must be on there.  You salespeople, must been seen as "experts" in their field, they must look like they can help people.  They must be building networks and transferring their territory from analogue to digital.  They must be creating conversations online and the must be part of conversations online.

Your mission now as a Leader is to get your team onto social and quick.  This is your exit strategy.  This will enable you and your team to have the skills you need now in a digital world and when we hit the new normal.

We know that things are going to be difficult economically, this is your exit strategy.  You have the time to make sure you and your teams can prospect on social, build relationships on social and close on social.  Everything you did face-to-face before Covid-19 but, all of this on-line.

I see so many people trying to shout louder and louder with email and cold calling, thrashing around like a drowning person.  Nobody cares and nobody is listening.

“Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being digital enables your business to be fitter and stronger and ready for the new normal when it comes.

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