We meet a lot of people who tell us that a piece of tech is going to change the world.

Sales tech, Marketing tech, HR tech, you name it .... here is a product that will change the world.  It won't ....

We often walk into companies and we are told that the company has purchased product X and when we ask, "what happened?" the answer is always ..... "nothing".

In my days selling Human Resources (HR) systems, I couldn't believe that the HR system, which in those days was little more than a computerised record keeping program was going to change the company buying it.

The change in process, not the system.

I sold an HR system, to the largest bus company in the UK one of the business issues was that they would fire somebody in one area and the person would immediately get a job with the same bus company in a different area.  The right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing.

Having a centralised record keeping system meant the business had the data to track who was hired and who was fired.  But it was the change to the recruitment process that got the business value.  After all there is nothing stopping you taking people on as rejoiners.

HR has changed, employee experience is critical, some say more important than customer experience.  Activating the people in HR to become the channels to new talent, social learning, providing a great employee experience, supporting mental health, diversity and employer branding are the markers of a best in class company today.

This vision, isn't an IT system, which an IT system will tell you which employees are taking more time off than they should or hold the competencies of a role.  How as a business will you be enabled in the social age to realize this vision and objectives!