Last week we ran out first #DLAIgnite global conference, we did the usual things.  Flew in our Associates and resellers from around the world, made some product announcements etc.

We also had some clients speak.  It's always great to get "real" people to speak, sharing their experiences of sales transformation with social as well as the ROI etc.

One client, asked a question of the audience.  When you have all of the worlds best social sellers in one room, it's a pretty cool thing to do.

She asked my team "what is the one thing I can do that will make a difference to my project back at the office?"

There was a number of great suggestions, but one stood out for me from Johannes Ceh...

He said, "do your people have the same job titles, job descriptions, pay and rations as they had before the transformation?"

Our client said "yes".

Johannes said "go back to your office and at least change their job titles".

It's so simple but yes.

Do you really get transformation until your job title changes?