An interesting article, but it misses three key points.

1.  The death of marketing as we knew it - The fact that the old ways of broadcast and interruption are either dead or dying.  It is either psychology, legislation or technology that is gradually killing it off.  This is a rebellion against the constant onslaught of adverts, unsolicited emails and cold calls trying to sell my stuff I don't want.

Hence why we have become experts at blocking this out;  In our heads, using ad-blockers, rules in email or rules on my iPhone to block as much of this I can.  Or using legislation like GDPR.

The second.

2.  The use of social internally.  Products such as Slack (which we use), Salesforce Chatter, Oracle Social Network, Microsoft Teams, etc have created 25% efficiency of employees across businesses that have put these products to good use.

and the third.

3.  Use of social externally to drive leads and meetings and create additional revenue.  We are seeing increases of 30% over legacy sales methods.  

In summary.

All three of these changes have been made by digital and the way it can increase efficiency and effectiveness over old processes.  The classic "more for less" situation.

And finally ...

I should comment that if you are going to get any supplier into to advise you on the move to digital.  Regardless of them being software, hardware or a consultancy, make sure you have visibility of their own journey to digital.

We believe that a company should "eat its own dog food" - If a company is selling "digital" they will be "digital" themselves.  Of course!

Is there CEO on social and is or she doing their own stuff or is it a PR agency.

Are the people you are dealing (sales people, consultants, pre-sales) with on digital?

Are they using social processes?