Your Digital Transformation is a success.  Is it?  How do you know?

I often read articles about how great a digital transformation program has gone, and I'm sure it has, but how do / did you measure success?

A lot of these articles are provided by suppliers, who of course tell you how great your world would be, if you just purchased their  product.

Putting that aside, how are you really going to measure success?  How can you measure "digital"?  How can you measure a cloud transformation?

What really has been the business benefit?  Are you selling more?  Have you stripped out cost?  Are your processes more efficient?  Are you recruiting the talent you need?  Have your employees digital skills enhanced?

Since we started DLA we have been measuring clients in terms of their transformation.  We have enough data now to benchmark you business and measure "digital".

This is different.  Different from anything that has happened in the past.  This isn't about who in your organisation is in charge of digital, this is about taking digital and putting a tape measure to it.