Looking down on my installation of Slack, as CEO, I can see who in the business and who is, and who is not contributing.  For a CEO this is a major opportunity when running the business and something you cannot get with email.

As a start-up we don't have an office, it seems pointless to my co-founder and I to have an office in London that we have to fight to get to and then return from at the end of the day.  Working from home gives us the ability to have a work life balance.  This week is half-term and Adam Gray (my co-founder) as will all the other team members at Digital Leadership Associates social-experts.net will want to work and spend time with their families.  Which is great and something as a business we should celebrate. 

Being based in the UK with have colleagues in Manchester, London, Norfolk, pretty much all around the country and social (Slack) is used to collaborate.  We are also a global company and Slack also allows our teams in Europe, Asia and North America to work together and collaborate.

One of the great ways that we can collaborate is on global deals.  Our clients are global companies, they don't want some US cookie cutter imposed on them, they want local teams.

I have a call this afternoon (UK time) with our teams in Europe and North America on a deal that will use the DLA Social Selling methodology, but will be implemented in Germany in German, in North America in English and in Mexico in Spanish.  Nobody else can do this!

Social Selling after all is about mindset change and it has to be implemented, with a global methodology, but using local people, local customers and local psychology. 

We are now seeing that in many companies that social is the first step on any digital transformation.  Not only that it will give you a revenue uplift and therefor a quick win, often providing self financing.  As the additional revenues you gain from social selling can be re-invested in the roll out of social across Marketing, Customer Services, Human Resources (HR), etc etc.