Digital Transformation is so often written in a language that is deliberately set up that it makes it sound hard or difficult.  Big words that make the writer sound clever, than you and me.  

Digital Transformation isn't difficult, you already have a "quick win" already in your organisation that doesn't take a lot of expense to implement, but will make a massive impact.  Social Media.

Currently Social is used throughout your business, but tactically.  It's used in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources (HR) etc.  The trick is to start using this strategically.  How come?

Social has business benefits, like allowing your employees to be 20% more efficient.  That's pretty good as you get 20% more employees for free.

In Sales, you should be looking at a 20 - 30% increase in incremental (new) sales.  That's a pretty good result, throw in the competitive advantage and this is hero territory for the Sales VP that implements this!

In Marketing, we would expect to be able to reduce your current Marketing spend and in Human Resources you should be on track to being employer of choice in your industry. 

Cool thing is that people in your organisation is already using social so it's not like you need to train them on some new system, which is always a pain.

So where do you go from here?

Most important is to get the Board, so the C-Suite involved.  This isn't about teaching them how to use Twitter, this is about getting them involved in understanding the strategy.  How social selling will give them revenue growth and competitive advantage.  How using social instead of email, helps to increase employee efficiency.  How using social in HR can make you employer of choice in your industry.

Time to get started?