We see so many companies over complicating digital transformation.  It tends to sit the the "shinny new object syndrome".

Companies see digital transformation as IT change, let's rip out an "old" piece of IT and put in something new.  Which is like digging the road up outside your office and relaying new tarmac.  Well actually nothing has changed, you have new tarmac but people can still get from A to B as they always have.

Or they go down this route of getting mixed up in the weeds of AI, IOT or whatever the techies are into this week.

Of course there is the management consultants favourite, which is about efficiency.  What that actually means is stripping out cost.  1990s "right sizing" rebadged as digital transformation for the 20's.  Have you noticed that these consultants haven't digitally transformed themselves?  Strange!

There is actually a quick win for all business.  You can take what people are already using tactically and turn it into something strategic.  The results will surprise you.

I bet you are think about what on earth have you got that can be used?  Well it's used in all companies in marketing, sales, customer service, procurement, supply chain, finance.  That's Social Media.

I'm not talking about putting the whole company on facebook.  They are already there, but let's not worry about that.

I'm talking about how you as a business can accelerate your digital transformation from using social media tactically to using it strategically.

First we need to get the Board / C-Suite on board.  Not by teaching them how to use Twitter.  But to get them to understand the transformation you can get right across the business by using social.

30% increase insales

25% increase in employee Effciency

Become employer of choice for candidates

Faster response time to customer service, impacting on NPS

Your C-Suite would be interested in that, right?

These are all pretty impressive results and certainly a "useful" quick win to your digital transformation.

Are you ready for the first step?