This article by Forbes has research that shows that usage of email with Generation Z has fallen to the point that the University is having to use other means of communication, which in this case is "apps".

It makes sense that email is a separate application, why would you come out of an application to enable communication? Surely you would stay in an application?

Like Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook, if you are in these application then you use the messaging contained in the application rather than coming out and using email. 

A friend of mine recently wrote to me and told me that his "marketing team" were celebrating because "They are seeing 3.3% of email recipients opening marketing emails!"

Now in my book that is a 96.7% failure rate.

I wonder, how many of the opened emails actually translate into business?

Let's Assume I Open One Of Your Emails and Like What I see?

What will the modern buyer do?

I will look you up.  I will look up who is making the approach (the salesperson) and I will jump to a conclusion about that person based on their passive and active online behaviour.  Which I'm sure you are fine with.  Your website is amazing and the social profiles of all your sales teams and the employees in your business are second to none. Yes?

Here's were is starts to get a bit sticky.  I will also search and find your competitors. I will compare you with them.

If you are not active online, your sales people look like spammers, or you are invisible online, what conclusion will I jump to?

That you don't exist as a business.

This is the way we buy today!

You are Marketing and Selling in an Analogue Form But Your Buyers are DigitalCan you see the mismatch?

So what as a marketer and a sales leader are you going to do about it? 

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