Prior to this crisis many retailers (other sectors apply) tended to want to continue with more of the same old same old in anticipation that things will work themselves out, "last seasons product didn't go well but if we added a smaller strap here, change the colour to blue, make it longer/shorter" it isn't a real growth strategy, and neither is it a consumer focused mindset is it?

It's all a bit like getting out that Chinese menu, studying it for 5 minutes and ordering the same thing you ordered last time!

If you're a regular reader of my blogs you will know that I write a lot about brand strategies that can create retail disruption and the seemingly lost opportunity they have with their advertising flavour of social media.

How often do we just scroll past copy or video content on Social Media that immediately feels like an advert dressed up as something else?  

Is it because it’s missing a few vital ingredients, is it too sanitised, has it been written by a very talented copywriter via an agency and signed off by the brand police?.

 Or is it because it's just another intrusive advert?

We can all spot advertising that’s dressed up as content so we are now simply programmed to ‘scroll on’ skip the ad, or deploy an 'ad blocker'. 

If this is you, then why do you you think consumers are behaving any different?

One of the key reasons brands feel the need to ‘collaborate’ with bright young ‘social influencers’ is because they probably understand the social landscape better than the media buying agency and the client. They're seen as authentic, and more than likely clients want access to their followers. 

Real people (you/me) tend to pick up on something that's 'liked' or 'shared' via our friends, family and business acquaintances, as such we have greater trust in what they recommended over the corporate message. We do this because we have been programmed to be cynical when it comes to advertising, so we look for affirmation from the circles we trust. 

If you read any of my stuff on a regular basis you will have noticed that I see 2 major changes in consumer behaviour that during and post Covid will kick multi-channel retail as you have come to know into a historical timeline in the disruption of retailing for the 21st Century.

The first one has already been accelerated which for a few years now is what was once your consumer/customer becoming a micro competitor.  Thousands of these have managed to nip away at your business on all manner of social platforms without you even being aware of it. 

Ironically your media agency might even have suggested you use them as part of your 'influencer' campaign.

The second is a combination of the discrete desire for millions of suppliers to want to get closer to the end customer, along with the ability for you and me to set up shop and gain access to over 3.8bn people worldwide.

So, if you managed to survive this crisis, and If you're the biggest and best in your sector today you won't be for long. 

The internet has allowed millions of people around the world to take what today might be a small micro bite out of your very large macro cake, and if enough of them do this consistently and better than you then it's inevitable they will quickly dilute what you think is a dominant position.

The above is the reason you will lose your 'Why'!