We often get called into companies and told, this sales app we purchased is crap.

We will of course have looked at the approaching companies sales people's Linkedin profiles before we attend any such meetings.  All part of discovery.

Looking at a companies Linkedin profiles, from the CEO down is like feeling the pulse of the business.  You can work out the companies beliefs, how much they think of their staff, how digital they are.  Sorry to say this, but in a Covid19 world, the world is digital and there is no hiding place for analog companies.

Back to the sales tech ..... (and martech) there are lots of it about.  Lots of great salespeople selling a dream ... the dream being that you will need to change process and probably people to make it work.  But of course, nobody changes the process.  They expect people to log into an app and everything is hunky dory.

I know these sales tech and martech companies have a great, compelling sales presentation but really do you think an app is going to sort your analogue processes?  

So you need to save some money to get through this Covid19 situation?

Why would you have sales and marketing applications that support an analogue (pre-covid) world of interruption? 

It really is time to switch them off and save the money.

It is also time to train your sales people what it's like to be digital.  Not a masterclass or self service training.  Give them a methodology that they can really use.  Invest in your sales team, give them a sense of purpose and invest in your business to come out of this situation, stronger, fitter and .... digital.