You may do this already, that is work with a social colleague.

Let's lay some myths to rest, you can spot a social colleague a long way away.

But a social colleague is not the use of profile writers, that isn't transformation, that's the use of profile writers.  A social colleague isn't a person that uses templates, why would you want to look like everybody else?  A social colleague does not spam you on LinkedIn and pitch you their company.  I have a pensions company that "look" at my profile on the hope I will go back to them and ask them "why are you looking at my profile?".  At which point they will try and sell me a pension.  Predictable and it isn't social selling.

A social colleague knows what it means to be authentic.  They know the modern buyer is looking for an expert, somebody that can help them.

Not a "giant killer salesperson" somebody who says "once I get my teeth into you, I never let you go".  The modern buyer is looking for a relationship, somebody that can help.

Let's take Priscilla's profile as an example

Currently you have a problem, that you have a bunch of people that want to get meetings, but nobody wants to talk to them.  Of course, because all they do it pitch.  We all hate that.

Now I know, you are really passionate about your products and services, of course they put food on the table and pay your mortgage.  The problem is..... we don't care.

Let's go back to Priscilla's profile, I show it to a lot of people and the conversation goes like this.

Me: Read the summary title please.

Them: A smile starts to appear on the person's face.

Me: I then ask them to read the summary.

Them: The smile gets broader.  They then turn to me and say "I want to meet Priscilla"

Me:  Then I say "what would I say, that Priscilla will pitch her services to you, when you meet".

Them: They then say "I don't care, if she pitches her services, I want to meet her".

There you have it transformation.

Just think, you could transform a sales team that cannot get leads and meetings to a sales team where people come to them and ask for meetings.

This is where the magic happens.

For those that say "I don't like Priscilla" even better, they would never have got on with her anyway.  So she qualifies out all the people that wouldn't like her, so she does not waste time with them.  Genius!

How many salesteams are running around chasing deals they will never sign?  Now you you cut that all out and just focus on the people that will sign.

This is transformation.

More and more companies are implementing this, maybe even your competition? 

Time to take back control of the sales and marketing process?