In the last two weeks Apple announced it's new Apple watch, like it's phones it has to innovate to stay level or stay ahead of its rivals.

If you think about watches, when my Granny purchased me a watch when I was 12 and I was deemed old enough to be responsible with a watch.  It did two things, it told the time and had the date on it. 

(I wasn't, over wound it and broke it.)

I don't own an Apple watch but I know it can do a lot more than tell the time and tell you what date it is.  Our smart speaker, Amazon Alexa can do more than tell the time and tell you what date it is.

Alex, this weekend, told us there would be a thunder storm at 12:15 PM, it was at 12:20, but that's pretty close.

Digital is providing us with so many different options, but as a business are we really taking this into account?

If you look at the way we buy, this has totally changed as we avoid salespeople by using the internet, social media and mobile.  We are also seeing the way we recruit people changing, one of our clients have cut their recruitment agency and recruitment advertising budget to zero by using digital as the mechanism to do this.

The world is missing digital leaders.  People who have the courage to stand up and tell their work counterparts that time is ready for change.  I'm not, talking systems change here, I'm not talking about IT replacement.  I'm talking about doing things differently in a digital age.  I'm talking about a digital watch not an analogue watch. 

Selling, recruiting, managing people differently to what we did in the 1990s.  Let's not think that transformation is sitting in meetings and hoping somebody will lead or taking on interns and hope that somebody will lead or outsourcing digital to an external company and then wondering why nobody leads.

Companies want digital leaders and it's your turn!