There is a difference between Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) but the difference is getting closer and closer.  Smaller and smaller.

In the B2B world, you will know the name of the salesperson in the B2C world you won't know the name.

If you buy a pair of shoes, I doubt you will know the name of the salesperson.  If you buy a $100K accountancy system you will probably know the name of the sales person.

That said, our attitude to buying in a B2B world is moving to become more B2C.

Now if we want to buy something in the B2B world, we go online and research, just the same as we would do in the B2C world.

In the B2B world we are intolerant to all those old world, legacy "interruption" and "broadcast" means of selling.  Advertising, cold calling and unsolicited emails all annoy us and we "laugh" at the companies that still think that it's 1990 and they can market to us.  Go to your spam filter and see how much email is now filtered out.  Google site they block over 100 million emails every day.  These are spam that does not even reach your spam box.

The more, us buyers realise that we have access to an infinite amount of content, the more it annoys us that people interrupt us and pitch to us. 

Also Amazon has re-programmed us, now we expect to be able to buy from a website that needs no training.  That is, I doubt you have been on an Amazon website training course.  We also expect, like Amazon to be able to find everything in two clicks.

We are using more and more B2C techniques in the way we market.  In the past we were very LinkedIn and Twitter.  Now we are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  We still don't do any outbound marketing (advertising, cold calling, sending unsolicited emails) we don't have to.  We also still spend $zero on marketing.

Times are changing and we need to change to.