First of all this is not a "cold calling is dead" article.

If you are selling low value products, at a low level, tactically, cold calling is probably good for you.  A friend of mine is selling advertising for £5K ($6500) a go.  It needs little sign off, so it's sold at Marketing Manager level.  You call up, you pitch, the Marketing Manager says yes or no.

But, if like me you sell business to business (B2B) enterprise, sales cycles are longer, the buyer will know your name, the deals are bigger and requires decision by more than one person then read on.

So cold callers a cold calling Guru has just said this!

Note this is one of the top Cold Calling Gurus in the world, this is NOT a social selling guru; and I quote:-

"Your reputation arrives before you do, your customer is checking you out on Google before they will ever allow you in their office or even talk to you on the phone.

Your reputation is built on two things, the things you craft, create, write on social media sites. The other is how you behave in the real world. The two had better line up and don’t think for a moment you can fake it."

And there you have it.

If you cold call people, you need to have a good social profile.

In fact, what this cold calling guru is saying is that you need:-

1. A personal brand.

2. A strong network.

3. Create insightful content.

At last we are totally aligned. 

So where as a cold caller are you going to get one from?


Now all cold callers need to realise is the inefficiency of "spay and pray" and understand that social selling is about focus and then we will have total agreement.