Digital Transformation is not about moving to cloud, IOT, Blockchain or whatever technology is flavour of the month right now.

Digital Transformation is about how you empower your employees to take advantage of this new technologies to create more efficiency and effectiveness for your business.  This is the battle field for leadership.

I was on a call today and one of the people asked "how many customers do Salesforce have?"  It was a rhetorical question.  We know they have thousands of customers.  What we do know is that having Salesforce as a CRM is not a competitive advantage.  Just to remain balanced, in fact with CRMs generally being the same, a CRM will not give you any competitive advantage.

But how you use it, could be.

Empowering people as part of a project is critical for its success.  Talking to a CEO recently, he said he didn't need to empower his employees as he trusted them to "just do it".  They didn't and don't.

People look for guidance and empowerment.

Ironically he is CEO of a company that sells "social media" but they are one of the least social media companies.

I've written before about how all products are the same, or putting it another way.  Your buyer, not being an expert, where as you are, don't see the difference between products.  So while all products, may not be the same, while you can see that the products are the same.  Perception is reality.

What your buyer thinks is reality. 

Reality is not what some email marketer, sales guru or digital transformation "expert" tells you.

Your only USP (unique selling point) as a business are your staff.

So what do you need to do?

Empowering them is kind of a bland statement.

You need to get your staff confidant to work on social, they to look "great" to your buyers, to have a strong network and for them to create and share great content.

Who is doing this?  We do.  So do our clients.

Check us out on social.  Check our clients out on social.

It is also time that leadership lead.

CEOs, in fact all of the C-Suite, plus anybody in leadership positions must lead a business into the world of social.