The two prospectives that you need to take into account for business change, are, one, changing both mindsets and habits and the second is being able to measure that.

Let's look at 1.

So many people think that digital transformation is somehow, tech.  Moving to cloud, Blockchain, IOT of some other shiny new object.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it isn't.  Digital transformation is using digital to increase your efficiency and effectiveness, by using this new technology.

Digital transformation is about the people and the process and not the tech.

What's the point of having a new shinny system, when you do the same old, same old, processes?

We, here at DLA, work in the world of sales transformation and we can do more for less.  It's as simple as that.  Sales teams will get 30% more revenue for less work.  How brilliant is that?

I should point out, this isn't about sending spammy connection requests or spammy inmails.  These are just cold calls but on a social network.

This isn't about a new tool, it's about using the tools that are being provided through the digital economy to do things better, cheaper and faster.

But the issue comes down to.  How do you measure this?  Here's the second point.

Well of course, you can measure, more leads and meetings and you can measure the revenue this generates.  But what about a "digital factor"?

Think of it as like "Myles-Briggs" but for digital.

Up until now, there has been no digital measure, but there is now!

So, maybe it's time to breakaway from the processes of the past and work "more for less" and don't believe me?  Then let's measure it and benchmark it too!