Many companies that come to us are scared.

They know that, as a number of CMOs have said to us "Marketing does not work anymore".  We have also seen a number of CMOs being fired for putting forward plans based on "old world" plans, which we know in our heart of hearts, just does not work anymore.

Let's take advertising.  I spoke at a Martech conference the other week and at the start of the presentation I asked everybody to stand up.  Then to sit down, if they can remember the last three ads the saw.  Of course, nobody sat down.  We are far to busy in our lives to look at ads, we either fast forward through them, or block them either in our heads or use ad-blockers.  At the recent Football World Cup, Adidas didn't advertise as they know their target market is heavy ad-blocker users.  Advertising no longer works.

The take cold calling and unsolicited emails.  Nobody likes being interrupted anymore, if we want to buy something we will go on-line and research it yourself.  There is nothing stopping you cold calling me and sending me unsolicited emails but now I have both technology and legislation on my side.  Whereas in the past in the Jeb Blount world of selling, you can call me and call me and call me.  Or keep sending me emails.  You would bully people into buying.  Now, I can use standard technology to block people or I report them to the ICO and get them to pay the 4% turnover fines through GDPR.  Cold calling and sending unsolicited emails no longer works and does your brand damage if you use them.

The place where your clients are and the place where you can build relationships with clients is on social.  Not in some spammy, corporate way, but by showing you are an expert and can help people.

Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) we take clients through 3 stages:-

Unaware / Unprepared - you don't understand how beneficial social media can be and are in no position to take your brand to the marketplace.  Or understand the revenue impact and competitive advantages of using social.

Aware / Unprepared - here you understand the value of social media but are still ill-equipped to be able to use it to generate business.  This is how we get the mindset change and get you "match fit"

Aware / Prepared - This is where you are competing in the world using social.  Using it in the demand generation process to get leads and meetings as well as using it during the sales process to increase your win rate and reduce the days it currently takes to close.  Either of those three elements will get you a revenue increase.  This is where we build in the habit change.

Social is a different way of selling, in 2019 social selling is now, just selling.  This is the way all companies will sell, it's a natural progression as sales has always changed.  And of course, sales people have always embraced change.  Not only are they the change agents in their customers, but are change agents in their companies.