We often find in business that people just don't get social; digital; call it what you will.

While we all buy differently or leaders see that other people are buying differently.  For example, they see the changes taken place with children and grandchildren there seems to be companies wanting to hold to the "old ways".

Now there will always be people that won't change, but many, many people can see the sands shifting.  Of course we see the people that listen to their Marketing or PR agency who offer advice like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.  Change your logo, change your website, do some advertising, get us to write more content.  You are very welcome to spend money on these things, but none of them will help.  None of them will make the phone ring more!

In fact three CMOs have come to us and said "Marketing isn't working anymore".  The saying, "what got you here, won't get you there" seems to be accurate for the disruption companies are feeling.  These CMOs are very brave, I do wonder how many people are thinking this, but just are not saying it.

So what's the solution?  Actually it's under everybodies noses, your employees, prospects and customers are already using it.

Social Media gives you a quick win for every party as part of a Digital Transformation.  Think about it.

Social is already used (tactically) by Marketing, Sales, Customer service, all it needs is to elevate this to a strategic position.  I'm not talking about teaching the CEO how to use Twitter, but getting the C-Level (Board in the UK and Europe) to understand the shifting buying patterns, the business case, competitive advantage and how social gives you the advantage not just in sales and marketing but across the whole of the enterprise.